Be Epic

Make Your Life Epic

You really should read my book of my journey of who I was, who I now am and who I am becoming through constant evolution.
And more than anything why I want you to read it, is because my past is anything but easy and bright, which took a lot of mental strength to come out of, and I wish to pass this onto others and hope that my lessons help you succeed in life.

As a true visionary strategist who enjoys to focus on constantly evolving anything that I touch to new heights, with a linear and lateral mindset that has built me the reputation of a business guru, having started my first business at the age of 15 and still winning.

Having relationships with top global founders, advisors and investors, where I sit on the advisory board of some successful businesses in operations and some lucrative business exits that never stopped me from going after more ideas to turn into a reality alongside others.

Growing up for me was very different to what I guess others, I never enjoyed being told what to do as I always found it unfair to impose your views onto others as what makes you believe you are right when we all have a different understanding of right and wrong based on our own perspective of reality, and to add to that I had many insecurities that took me many years into my early thirties to learn to overcome, with all of that said I also never really had any concept of what I wanted to do with my life, which would always land me in different groups of people who fulfilled me at the time, without a plan or even a why.

But as I got older, more and more signs of a higher power started showing itself to me and often I would look around thinking to myself if there is no God then how come there is much evil in the world, thus in turn would have to mean that there is a God who protects the good to overcome being apart of the evil ways and with that, without thinking of an eternal life, I understood it is more about a life of happiness while we are here for that in itself can be heaven.

The legacy that you leave behind is your immortality.

For I lead a life of limitless potential, on the path of a lion, with strength and honour.

As life is an internal state of existence, where everything happening around us is not life itself but how we take everything in is where life is lived and another piece of advise that I can give you: is that being calm is a superpower, perfect your reactions for a happier life.

So all of this shifted my entire reality of trying to understand the ultimate question of “why am I here”?

Which lead me to give a lot of attention to studying the cognitive bias, the human mind and understanding of the way that people behave, which took me deeper into it of not giving much concern to the decisions that people make, but what brings people to making those decisions.

Such as the legendary argument of nature vs nurture.

The understanding of the higher and lower level decision making, of the subconsciously or analytically thought out results to actions that we take in a world that accountability seems to have no existence to many, who I do my best to not allow into my space.

This all blew my mind and I slowly started to retract inwards, for majority of my life I was known as the one who would walk into any room and be the most entertaining in that room, the one to make the most noise, and now I often find I have that same effect still but without even speaking.

And along with my fascination of trying to understand the human mind, came my sobriety where I often find myself a big advocate of a clear mind allows you to think, strategize and execute to create a better life for your environment, not just yourself, your entire environment.

So I all of a sudden became the quiet person in the room who listened more than I spoke, who watched more than drawing attention to myself and learnt that only a fool thinks that they know everything, often watching them go on about things that no person with any logic would care for.

“The Dunning-Kruger Effect.”

While the intelligent are constantly learning, and as I go along I honestly learn that as much as I believe I can see ten steps ahead in situations, nothing is predictable and the more you hold onto ideologies of being right, the less you evolve.

With a smile on my face, I must say that I could go on about this for days so let me stop there and implore you to get a copy of my autobiography called Be Epic where I speak more in detail of my journey and the lessons that I learnt along the way… 

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