Mindset Is Everything

Having spoken around the world as a guest speaker just for the experience of meeting new people, he soon began to enjoy seeing the look on the faces of others when he spoke on the topic of mindset.

Cognitive bias, mental fallacies, subconscious, characterological and how we view growth as a process, where our accomplishments or failures do not define our experiences, with himself as a perfect example of how you can turn everything around positive or negative just in how you see things.

Often he does not charge to speak at events and prefers to asses if he will appear as a guest based on the audience and how much value he can actually add, “you must either hold pure influence over any room you walk into or you are not in the right place” he often says.

There has never been a person who has meet his larger than life character and not walked away with something to talk about, often the quiet man in the room who listens more than he speaks until it is his turn to blow your mind with his life experience driven perspective.

A brilliant man with plenty to share.

Want To See Things Differently?